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Rainy Season is Here!

Rainy season in Guadalajara.

Surprisingly, the rainy season is a great time to visit Guadalajara. It is cooler, and everything is green and lush, and the frequent thunderstorms often only last an hour or so–perfect for a coffee break from your touring around!

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Snow in Mexico

The Nevado de Colima, by Skyscrapercity

Don’t throw away your winter coat when you move to Mexico. You won’t need it all the time, but there are days you’ll be glad you have it. Lots of snow just outside of Mexico City right now.

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Hitchhiking to Hot Rivers—Travels with Leanne

Dan at the boiling waterfall in the Primavera Forest

We run tours in Mexico, but only with neat people who want to do fun and interesting things! Leanne sure fit the bill. If you want to come visit, write us at

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Climbing Volcanoes in Guatemala

Erupting Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala.  From Index of Competent Wallpapers

Since I was a little kid I always wanted to climb a volcano and play with lava. I thought if I put a beetle in molten rock I would get a really keen fossil. The reality is a little different. I did melt my sneakers, though. I’m so happy I did it then, because I would NEVER do it now! Here is another action-packed chapter from our book, “Wandering Magical Lands.” We have climbed many volcanoes over the years, but none more dangerous or more spectacular than Guatemala’s Pacaya, which was in full eruption.

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Flooding in Mexico

Rough weather in Guadalajara

Here in the grasslands, we are dry half the year and wet the other half. And in rainy season, sometimes we have floods. If people would learn not to throw garbage in the canals, many lives could be saved.

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Still More Dangerous Spanish—Explaining Mayate

Mayate Beetles

Spanish is not the same everywhere. Just as Australians speak differently than New Englanders, Cubans speak differently than Argentineans. Even within Mexico there is some variation, and if you have a good ear you can tell if someone is from Guadalajara, pues, or Mexico City, mano, or Chiapas (lots of Mayan).

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Container Gardening in Mexico

Omar prepares the beds...

A new project–container gardening in Mexico. Although I suspect we will spend about ten times what we would to buy veggies in Wal-Mart, the lure of fresh baby beets and carrots and vine-ripe tomatoes is irresistible. Plus it’s fun–we love to see plants grow!

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Awaiting the Rains—The Seasons in Mexico

Mexican thistle

Everyone says “Don’t you miss the SEASONS?” As if we don’t have weather here. Of course, the changes are a bit more subtle…

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Guayabitos–A Mexican Beach Paradise

Omar at Guayabitos

Guayabitos and Los Ayala are our favorite Mexican beaches. Only about 3 and a half hours from our house on good roads, they are situated in a gorgeous bay, with deserted beaches, jungle, and rocky islands to explore. Come along on an escape with us!

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Chapala—The Largest Lake in Mexico–And a Cactus Garden!

Omar at Lake Chapala

Over Easter break Omar and I took a day trip to Chapala with our wonderful neighbors Silvia and Pablo and their kids Saul and Montse. We found an incredible cactus garden, at seafood at a lakeside restaurant, and explored Chapala town.

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Mazamitla–Orchids in the Trees

Dan, Omar, and Coco go orchid hunting in Mazamitla

They call it “Mexico’s Switzerland.” It doesn’t look much like Switzerland in the photos, but Mazamitla is green with lots of pine trees, and at times it looks more European than Mexican, if you stand on your head and squint. Here Omar and I explore the Los Cazos section of town and look for orchids and bromeliads in the trees.

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The Greening of 365Mexico–Building a Park

Dan. Omar, Silvia, Pablo, Montse, and Saul

How to build a park from scratch! Here are the photos of our first efforts in the abandoned park. A good example of how things don’t always go according to plan, and how to make lemonade from the situation!

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Tropical Snow–A Hail Storm at 365Mexico

Omar ready to plant trees in the park.  The dark cloud in the background is very unusual for April...

We had quite a hail storm, just as our new park trees were delivered. It was quite unexpected–it never rains here in April! Global warming is affecting us here in Guadalajara, too.

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Mexican Bugs, Bichos, and Furry Crawlies

Black widow spider

Everybody asks, so here’s the scoop about bugs in Mexico. The bottom line–it’s pretty doubtful you will see anything more dangerous than mosquitoes and the odd cockroach.

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365Video–A Boiling Waterfall in the Primavera Forest

Rio Caliente--the hot river

Dan and Omar visit a boiling waterfall in the geothermal Primavera Forest outside of Guadalajara, Mexico. Strange, heat tolerant algae, fish and insects live in the scalding water.

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Primavera Forest and the Boiling River

Tochi at the boiling waterfalls

Hot springs are cool (so to speak), but have you ever heard of a boiling hot river? We got one! Sunday, October 8 was Tochi’s birthday, and we took her to the hot river in the Primavera Forest near Guadalajara. Tochi (who’s name, Tochimani, means “rabbit’s foot” in Nahuatl) is a city girl, but as you can see she really loved the Primavera. Omar and I promised to take her back again real soon.

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The Country Life: A Day in Ahuisculco

Ahuisculco door

365 Mexico takes you to the Mexico the tourists rarely see–we enjoy a day with good friends and their family in Ahuisculco, Jalisco. A carne asada is the perfect way to share good times!

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