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Casa de las Flores

From our room at Casa de las Flores

Sometimes when you are lucky, you find an incredible place and wonderful friends right near home, as we recently did. If you don’t live in Guadalajara, then come visit. And when you come, stay with Stan and Jose at the Casa de las Flores.

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We’re On the History Channel!

Bobby, Dan, and Omar, shooting in Mexico for the History Channel

Omar and I will appear on the History Channel’s new series, “Food Tech,” in an episode about Mexican food! We make our debut sometime in May–stay tuned for the exact airdate. Make sure you see all photos of the shoot below!

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Can You Be Vegetarian in Mexico?

Pablo with fresh corn.

We love vegetarian food, and certainly understand and respect your decision if you eat a vegetarian diet. There are many good vegetarian restaurants in Mexico, but we think that, in general, it is a little tougher to find varied vegetarian food in restaurants here. Of course, cooking for yourself is another matter–our fruits and vegetables are gorgeous!

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Birria—Glorious Goat Stew

Gorious birria--stewed goat

When I’m in Mexico, I miss Ma’s cooking. And when I’m in New York, I miss goat. Goat, glorious goat. Everybody asks “What does it taste like?” Well, the first time I tried it I admit I thought “Ewww, this can’t be right,” and wondered if I would be able to finish. But by the second bite I was hooked. It is stronger flavored than beef or pork–gamey, even–but we just love it. Now when they ask what its like, I just smile and say “Heaven….”

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Locos for Locavores—Eating Local in Mexico

Beautiful artichokes

Omar and I are concerned about global warming and pollution, and try to eat locally and not be part of the problem. We’ve got a long way to go, but we are giving it our best shot. Trouble is, in a developing country the lack of environmental education, coupled with the very real lack of money, makes old habits die hard.

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Fresh Mexican Shrimp Cocktails in Guayabitos and Sayulita

Fresh shrimp cocktails.

Last week we headed for the coast, to Guayabitos and Los Ayala. During a breakneck schedule of floating in the sea and eating fresh seafood, we managed to explore the beautiful little town of Sayulita. Omar made shrimp coctails and fantastically fresh aguachile–and shows you how!

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Our Huge Mexico City Adventure, Part V

If I look tickled pink, its because I

In which we eat at an incredible buffet, and visit a miniatures shop in the fancy Zona Rosa. Write us at and tell us what you think!

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Our Huge Mexico City Adventure, Part IV

The older buildings at the basilica are well worth visiting, not only for the beautiful art inside but also for the funhouse effect of tilting floors and slanting walls. Even Omar, Mr. Six Flags, got dizzy.

In which we climb high above Mexico City at the Villa, visit Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in beautiful Coyoacan, eat (all we do is eat!) at an incredible and classy buffet, and explore the Zona Rosa at the Angel de la Independencia and get lost in a shop of miniatures!

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Our Huge Mexico City Adventure, Part III

Early the next morning we went looking for breakfast.  There are lots of places to eat on the street, like this stand serving goat head tacos.  The poor old lady just wanted to eat in peace, and I

In which we go to the market for a great breakfast (with an outstanding waiter!), to an old-fashioned candy store, and to the Villa to the site of the Virgin of Guadalupe’s visitation to San Don Juan Diego. Come visit us and we will show you around!

More! Our Huge Mexico City Adventure, Part III

Our Huge Mexico City Adventure, Part II


In which we explore the town and visit the Cathedral, Bellas Artes, la Casa de Azulejos, and Churros y Chocolates. Don’t miss any of the episodes of our Mexico City adventure! Mexico City is a lot like New York. You can see Times Square, Macy’s, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and the Plaza Hotel in a couple of hours, if you keep moving. The same in Mexico.

More! Our Huge Mexico City Adventure, Part II

Our Huge Mexico City Adventure: Part I

Omar and I at the Angel de la Independencia, symbol of Mexico.  We look photoshoped in.  Truth is, we came out too dark, but I like the picture, so I lightened us up.  We are so Jetsons at 365Mexico.

We LOVE Mexico City. Adore it. It is the capitol, the center for art and culture and history for all Mexico. Television and movies come from there. The antiquing is great. The food is amazing. There are ruins in the subway stations. Did I mention we love it?

More! Our Huge Mexico City Adventure: Part I

Chai—A Mexican Café

Mely, Omar, and Tochi in Chai

There are a lot of good restaurants in Mexico, from marketplace holes-in-the-wall to famous eateries in Mexico City. We love going out–especially for breakfast–and trying something new and surprising.

More! Chai—A Mexican Café

Molcajetes—Mexican Cooking and Lava Rock Pigs

Molcajete with salsa

Have you ever seen those dark grey stone bowls and wonder just where they came from? Just south of our house, is where! Making sauce in a molcajete is an essential part of Mexican cooking.

More! Molcajetes—Mexican Cooking and Lava Rock Pigs

Hitchhiking to Hot Rivers—Travels with Leanne

Dan at the boiling waterfall in the Primavera Forest

We run tours in Mexico, but only with neat people who want to do fun and interesting things! Leanne sure fit the bill. If you want to come visit, write us at

More! Hitchhiking to Hot Rivers—Travels with Leanne

Mexican Food: Chiles en Nogada—A Holiday Delicacy

Chiles en nogada

The best Mexican food is made of fresh ingredients in creative and innovative combinations. They should be colorful, tasty, and maybe offer up a little surprise. Nothing fits the bill better than that traditional holiday dish chiles en nogada, in which roasted poblano peppers are stuffed with roast beef and dried fruits, topped with a creamy nut sauce, and liberally sprinkled with gleaming gem-like pomegrantes!

More! Mexican Food: Chiles en Nogada—A Holiday Delicacy

Walking to Tequila

Tequila, Mexico

I never feel more alive than when I am on a walking adventure. The trip is at least as important as the destination, and you really see the details when you are moving at three miles an hour. You can’t cover as much ground, but what you do experience you feel at a depth that is astonishing. Especially in Mexico, on the road to Tequila, where anything can happen and usually does.

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Our Other Websites

Beauty and the Beast Mexican magazine

We love working on our websites and watching them grow! After you’ve read the new posts at 365Mexico, check out one of our other sites about vintage movie memorabilia or food! And tell your friends!

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Mexican Birthdays—Mine!

I will never get used to "mordidas."  Omar and Tochi laugh because they know I

We love birthdays–and anniversaries and graduations and Fridays. Any reason to get together!

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Guadalajara Travel FAQs–An Intro

Teatro Degollado

Here’s the place to come for specific information about travel in Guadalajara–the hotels, restaurants, sights, buses, and tours. If you don’t see it here, write us at!

More! Guadalajara Travel FAQs–An Intro

Container Gardening in Mexico

Omar prepares the beds...

A new project–container gardening in Mexico. Although I suspect we will spend about ten times what we would to buy veggies in Wal-Mart, the lure of fresh baby beets and carrots and vine-ripe tomatoes is irresistible. Plus it’s fun–we love to see plants grow!

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Mexican Groceries II–I’d Kill For a Molasses Drop Cookie (The Things You Miss Away From Home)

Our friend Carole and dried chiles

It never fails–you’ve got a craving for the one thing not on the menu. Eating a balanced and varied diet is easier than ever, if you put in the effort to do it right.

More! Mexican Groceries II–I’d Kill For a Molasses Drop Cookie (The Things You Miss Away From Home)

Guayabitos–A Mexican Beach Paradise

Omar at Guayabitos

Guayabitos and Los Ayala are our favorite Mexican beaches. Only about 3 and a half hours from our house on good roads, they are situated in a gorgeous bay, with deserted beaches, jungle, and rocky islands to explore. Come along on an escape with us!

More! Guayabitos–A Mexican Beach Paradise

Chapala—The Largest Lake in Mexico–And a Cactus Garden!

Omar at Lake Chapala

Over Easter break Omar and I took a day trip to Chapala with our wonderful neighbors Silvia and Pablo and their kids Saul and Montse. We found an incredible cactus garden, at seafood at a lakeside restaurant, and explored Chapala town.

More! Chapala—The Largest Lake in Mexico–And a Cactus Garden!

Mazamitla–Orchids in the Trees

Dan, Omar, and Coco go orchid hunting in Mazamitla

They call it “Mexico’s Switzerland.” It doesn’t look much like Switzerland in the photos, but Mazamitla is green with lots of pine trees, and at times it looks more European than Mexican, if you stand on your head and squint. Here Omar and I explore the Los Cazos section of town and look for orchids and bromeliads in the trees.

More! Mazamitla–Orchids in the Trees

But Can You Drink the Water?

You can

With all the great things Mexico has going for it, why is everyone fixated on the crummy water? Wherever you go, most people drink bottled water anyway.

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Chicharron–Pig Skin Delight

Not chicharron.  This is a pig in hot sauce that miraculously appeared in our pot of beans.  We were going to save it so people would come from miles around and Guiness and all, but we were hungry.  Stay tuned for chicharron picture.

Chicharron for Omar is like peanut butter to me–if you get a craving, you just gotta have it. Chicharron is pig skin, and it comes fried and boiled and pickled. Sometimes it is quite meaty, almost like roast pork. It is never a low fat, low cholesterol choice, but it sure is good!

More! Chicharron–Pig Skin Delight

Omar Loves Menudo. Dan Doesn’t.

Saul likes menudo

When I first moved to Mexico, some dishes I liked right off, like mole poblano and chiles en nogada. Others took a little time to get used to–the mashed beans and lots of cilantro–but now I’m crazy about them.

More! Omar Loves Menudo. Dan Doesn’t.

Grocery Shopping in Mexico


Another practical subject. Where do you buy groceries in Mexico? The answer–street markets, corner stores, and WalMart!

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Christmas in Mexico–Romeritos


Christmas is beautiful anywhere–and in Mexico it is celebrated with an unusual and delicious meal. Romeritos are traditionally served at Christmas.

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The Country Life: A Day in Ahuisculco

Ahuisculco door

365 Mexico takes you to the Mexico the tourists rarely see–we enjoy a day with good friends and their family in Ahuisculco, Jalisco. A carne asada is the perfect way to share good times!

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